Guerrilla Yardwork: The First-Time Home Owner’s Handbook rethinks yardwork as you know it. Part manifesto, part field manual, it draws `upon the tenets of guerrilla warfare outlined by Sun Tzu, Che Guevara, and others, to introduce guerrilla yardwork as both a yardvolutionary philosophy and an effective practice for every first-time home owner strapped for cash and pressed for time.

“Guerrilla yardwork utilizes the element of surprise to launch small, repetitive attacks at unpredictable times and locations around the yard to weaken Bad Nature and promote Good Nature in Her stead. Offensive, highly mobile, and fluid in character, guerrilla yardwork is marked by swift action of short duration, followed by rapid withdrawal.”

The yard won’t know what hit it.

Front Cover

Guerrilla Yardwork cover


  • Text, layout, cover image, and design: © 2013 Peter Korchnak
  • Type: Body copy is set in Baskerville, title and chapter headings in F25 Exclusive, and box quotes in Typewriter Condensed
  • Illustrations: © 2013 Jen McClure
  • Published on February 22, 2013, by American Robotnik, in Portland, Oregon
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615764009 | ISBN-10: 0615764002


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