Some of my handiwork.

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Traditional Hungarian cross-stitch patterns (I am part-Hungarian by birth, on my mother’s side) in DMC cotton embroidery floss, pages cut-out from the bootleg American version of the 9th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1875-1889 (I have been a naturalized American since 2011).

“Typography,” 2020 :: 6.75″x10.25″

“Gunmaking,” 2020 :: 7″x10.5″


“Tides,” 2020 :: 6.5″x4.5″

“Gunnery,” 2020 :: 10.5″x12″

Memory Interference

Traditional cross-stitch patterns in DMC cotton embroidery floss, altered images of socialist Yugoslavia-era World War Two monuments inkjet-printed on mulberry paper.

“Memory Interference No. 1: Jasenovac,” 2020 :: 8.5″x10.5″

“Memory Interference No. 2: Kozara,” 2020 :: 8.5″x11.5″

“Memory Interference No. 3: Ostra,” 2020 :: 10″x7.5″

“Memory Interference No. 4: Medeno Polje,” 2020 :: 8.5″x10.5″

Vanished Countries

Hardcover atlas, gel medium, acrylic paint, archival varnish.

Vanished Countries - Czechoslovakia

“Vanished Countries: Czechoslovakia,” 2020

Vanished Countries - Yugoslavia

“Vanished Countries: Yugoslavia,” 2020

Vanished Countries - Tibet

“Vanished Countries – Tibet,” 2020

Other Book Carvings

“Sightseeing,” 2020

“Progressive Filing,” 2019

“Every Creeping Thing,” 2020

“Coast to Coast, Side A,” 2019

“Coast to Coast, Side B,” 2019

“Of Human Bondage,” 2020

“The God Delusion,” 2019