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Writer’s Bio

I am a Slovak-born writer and retired yardwork guerrilla in Portland, Oregon, where I brew a decent Cascadian Dark Ale and skate in an ice hockey rec league.

My nonfiction has appeared in Cargo Literary, Compass Cultura, Gravel, Narratively, Star 82 Review as well as Tablet (New York) and Týždeň (Bratislava). In 2014 I won Oregon Quarterly magazine’s Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest.

I am the author of Guerrilla Yardwork: The First-Time Home Owner’s Handbook, and I created and edited the crowdsourced book The Portland Bottom Line: Practices for Your Small Business from America’s Hotbed of Sustainability.

I co-author the travel website Where Is Your Toothbrush? and contemplate the wonders of life as an immigrant as American Robotnik.


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About This Website


Every word of works published elsewhere and of works in progress is copyrighted.

All written content exclusive to this website is under the Creative Commons License BY-SA-NC, i.e. you are free to share and adapt the material provided you give appropriate credit (Peter Korchnak + link to http://PeterKorchnak.com), use it for non-commercial purposes, and distribute it under the same license as my original.

If in doubt about which license applies, ask me.


All images are mine, except where noted (those are from the Creative Commons pool on Flickr). My images fall under the Creative Commons BY-SA-NC license, other people’s images follow their original license.

The header images are of graffiti in my hometown Košice, Slovakia, and street art in Bratislava. Featured images in blog posts (articles) vary depending on the topic.